Poetry by Jeff Green


Final Thoughts …

by cricketjeff on September 20, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

It’s rather late at night I should be sleeping
Tucked up in bed away from ballyhoo
The roads outside still hum with drinkers creeping
Back home to where they dream their lives anew

It’s rather late at night I’m almost snoring
But here and there my brain will not reboot
I’m list’ning to the creaking of the flooring
And waiting for the owl I saw to hoot

But late or not I’m not in bed and dreaming
I’m sitting in my chair unknotting words
I’m far too daft to make the lights stop gleaming
And try to count the feet of passing herds

But now’s the time for this insomniac
To change his stripes and find himself a sack