Poetry by Jeff Green


Two Matildas

by cricketjeff on September 24, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

He used to know a lady named Matilda
Who’d “take you to the Moon” for half-a-crown.
But sixty years ago the bombers killed ‘er
And wiped away the seedy side of town.

His wife, of course, had loved him for a season;
Though she and both their sons had passed away,
He didn’t think remarriage would be treason
But couldn’t find a partner for his play.

The café where he lunched was “going cyber”
The owner showed him “how to Internet”
Some people would say he “lacked moral fibre”
But loneliness is easy to regret.

And now for just two hundred pounds an hour
A new Matilda “helps him in the shower”.