Poetry by Jeff Green


The Sparkles All Around Me

by cricketjeff on September 28, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

There was soft September sunlight when you kissed me long ago
And you held me as it faded into sunset’s painted glow;
I can feel your arms around me as I look into the West,
Where the day is slowly dying like the love I once possessed.

There were mists and ghostly rustles in the woods where we would walk,
Through the seasons of a passion and a peace too deep to talk,
And I hear your loving whisper, like an echo from afar,
As I wait to give my wishes to the evening’s brightest star.

There were trails of filling footsteps, through the diamond crested white,
Where we cuddled ever closer into Winter’s silent night,
And I still see life receding through the cloud that you exhaled,
While I wonder why we parted, why our perfect loving failed.

In the Spring I watched the bluebells and a madly dancing hare,
And I lied and told my heartache these were scenes I needn’t share;
For I couldn’t sense you by me but I know that now you’re near,
You’re the sparkling all around me as I look out through a tear.

Author notes

I was reading sad poems on the train …