Poetry by Jeff Green


Shattered Dreams

by cricketjeff on September 29, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

He dreamt about pussy caressing his face
Awake he discovers the pussy’s in place
The dream he discarded was better he thought
The pussy within was a different sort

Excitement abounded reflected below
His great expectations were certain to grow
I cannot begin to relate so I shan’t
But I shall assert that his shockable Aunt
Would not have approved of the dream that he had
It wasn’t a nightmare but she’d call it bad

Now he’s less unconscious he finds on his face
A pussy that’s purring and settled inplace
It’s not what a fellow would dream if he chose
It isn’t the tickle he’d want on his nose
A kitten is cute everyone will agree
But kittens are never the pussy for me!

Author notes

I apologise

Prompt was the picture and requirement was to rhyme in exactly 125 words