Poetry by Jeff Green


The Best Laid Plan Of Marge Unwen

by cricketjeff on October 11, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Marge could not rest till friends were organised,
Although her friends were happy as they were.
They studiously ignored all she devised
As she kept fussing round without demur.

She left them notes they never thought to read,
They drank and laughed through all her little chats,
She only tried to do the things they’d need
But steering friends is just like herding cats!

Her birthday came and for a special treat
They thought that she would like to run the show.
When she was told her pleasure was complete;
Her big event would soon be “Green to Go”.

It wasn’t quite the party of the year —
A piss-up in a brewery, with no beer!

Author notes