Poetry by Jeff Green


All at Once

by cricketjeff on October 13, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Why must the others bug you when you’ve got a lot to do
    And stop to talk when you’ve not got the time
Why do all sorts of projects have to grab a hold of you
    Until you feel you’re shoulder-deep in slime
It’s not a lot to ask for, twenty minutes for a break
But someone’s bound to see that as the perfect time to take

Why do the folk who know you seem to ebb and flow as one
    The rolling waves that top the human tide
Like hoards of hopeless pirates stuffing jetsam in a gun
    They raise the heat until you’re sure you’ve fried
It’s not a lot to dream of just a moment to relax
But someone’s here demanding all the treats their living lacks

Why do things only happen in a rush or not at all
    However much you try to plan for calm
They can’t attack you singly you could cope if they were small
    And none of they succumb to any balm
I only wanted seconds without voices all around
But Piccadilly Circus is the only space I’ve found

An hour or two they’ve left me to complete a week of work
    And then they’ll wonder why I tend to snap
The need to triple tension is a nasty human quick
    I try to be a simple helpful chap
I may have got things finished or I may go anyway
Too bad I’m off on business what I want’s a holiday!

Author notes