Poetry by Jeff Green


Thoughts at the end of a rotten day

by cricketjeff on December 17, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I’m having quite a rotten day
Folk misreading all I say
I really try to be quite nice
And end up saying sorry twice
So please believe me when I say
I didn’t mean it quite that way!

Open my mouth, my foot goes in
It seems that I shall never win
Comments maybe I’ll eschew
If that’s the wish of all of you
I only want to spread a smile
With strings of rhyme comic style

Better poets all around
But sometimes grins just can’t be found
Learning how the others write
While I sit up half the night
All I ever want is fun
Not just for me for everyone!

Author notes

Bad day at work, and then at home, then busy putting my foot in it.