Poetry by Jeff Green


That’s Living It Right

by cricketjeff on October 16, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Other men may want Ferraris, Maseratis and the rest
And only dine where Michelin hang their stars
But I don’t need some pundit to instruct me what is best
For pretty girls or gourmet food or cars
I don’t want a front-page model, airbrushed smooth behind her smile
I want you,  a Mini Cooper, Sunday roast and bags of style

On a yacht off Monte Carlo they drink champagne by the crate
Crystal glasses shining brightly in the sun
After caviare and lobster they discuss affairs of state
Forgetting to leave time for having fun
I love holidays with beaches, playing games and mountain climbs
If you’re there to tease and tempt me quoting very naughty rhymes

In their offices they bluster growing ulcers getting fat
Earn too much but never fritter it away
Half the reason that I love you is you’ll never live like that
You and I know that we have to have today
So forget about the future, not completely, but for now
Grab as much of all we dream of as the present will allow!