Poetry by Jeff Green


Happy Birthday Mum

by cricketjeff on October 30, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

It’s been so many years since I first met you
You’ve been a part of almost every day
It’s safe to say that I shall not forget you
Whatever else is waiting on the way

You aren’t the cause of all my faults and failings
I’m not to blame for greying all your hair
Though you were there from my first aimless flailings
And it was you who helped me be aware

I love you though you gave me irksome brothers
A sister who’d outpunch a heavyweight
I’m pretty sure I’ve got the best of mothers
A councillor, a teacher and “a mate”

So year by year I’ll wish you all the best
The mother who is far above the rest!

Author notes

I was in Singapore for my Mother’s birthday so her sonnet is a few days late, such is life!