Poetry by Jeff Green


Looking For A Cure

by cricketjeff on November 6, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The day is old and grey and so I’m making chocolate cake
The finest way to raise your mood is shut the doors and bake
A happy smell soon fills the house and sunshine fills your heart
And when you eat a nice hot piece your black mood falls apart
You weigh the sugar carefully and cream the butter in
Then fold in eggs one at a time until the mixture’s thin
It’s time for flour and cocoa and you beat (this bit is fun)
Then add to tins and bake them till you’re sure the cake is done
You must eat some while it’s still hot the rest you cool to ice
Then sing out “cakes are ready!” (you won’t need to do this twice)
The day may still be cold and grey but now you’ve had a bake
You’re mood is surely better now you’re sat outside a cake