Poetry by Jeff Green


Big Jack’s First Night

by cricketjeff on November 11, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

No girl that he knew had been able
To take what he brought to the table
But she seemed delighted
By claims he recited
She boasted, “I’m big hearted Mabel!”

He’d paid for her love by the hour
But when he emerged from the shower
She gave back his money
And said “Listen honey”
I’ll pay you for use of THAT tower!

Then he and the girl “got acquainted”
And lust was a sweet as it’s painted
The means she selected
To get him erected
Worked so well he damned nearly fainted!

Then when he got used to the strain
Of blood draining out from his brain
He filled her completely
So well she said, sweetly
“I hope you can do that again!”

Next day she stood up at the table
A sore but a satisfied Mabel
Her well made new lover
Had helped her discover
That Jack and the Beanstalk’s no fable!

Author notes

I read a clean Limerick chain yesterday, thought I should redress the balance!