Poetry by Jeff Green


11am on 11-11-2011

by cricketjeff on November 13, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

It isn’t winning wars that makes the world a safer place
It’s winning peace that builds a better world
Today we must remember those who ran a dreadful race
And didn’t live to see new hopes unfurled
I hope we’ve learned some lessons but that isn’t what we see
Too many men still have to die to keep the free world free

The First World War resulted in a treaty full of spite
That sought revenge on those who weren’t to blame
How do we find solutions that will do less wrong than right
But not reward the men who cause our shame
We have to learn some lessons or repeat our history
Then many more would have to die to keep the free world free

For bogus heartless causes or from simple foolish greed
Some evil men still seek a twisted path
We have to stand together out of simple human need
Or face a sad and splintered aftermath
If we can learn our lessons there’s a chance our sons may be
The first who do not have to die to keep the free world free

Author notes

at 11am today we marked the 93rd anniversary of the end of the first chapter of the wars the last century, the treaty that was signed a year or so later was one of the causes of the second still more terrible chapter.

And all around the world fools and worse still try to make future generations pay for the sins (real or imagined) of their ancestors. Isn’t it time we grew up?