Poetry by Jeff Green


Nearly a sonnet

by cricketjeff on December 17, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

All of the love that I feel when we meet
Whether online or when crossing a street
All of the feelings I put in my rhyme
The way that I think of you all the time

It was not for love I was looking that day
All that I did was look over your way
And now I am lost like a fish on land
Feelings within that I can’t understand

Happy or sad maybe both at one time
Depths of despair mix with feeling sublime
Crisis of life for a man past his best
Things that you find put your heart to the test

Love’s for the young is the way it is sold
And when you are there I don’t feel so old!

Author notes

I have been trying to write a decent sonnet for ever, still no nearer with this.