Poetry by Jeff Green


Ballooning in Bournemouth

by cricketjeff on November 20, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Today I went to Bournemouth and went up in a balloon
To watch the burning sunset of a golden afternoon
We’d paddled down at Sandbanks had a carvery for lunch
And saw a cheeky squirrel beat a magpie to the punch

The sea was almost warm though it’s November
The waves were tipped with white against the blue
The finest English sea that I remember
Though cold and dreary weather should be due

The sweetshop down in Bournemouth stocks a range of tasty treats
So we ate chocs and toffees as we wandered round the streets
The sunset burned like embers from a raging winter fire
As spun by dancing breezes we stayed anchored to a wire

The beach was soft and silver in the sun
And children ran with kites across the sand
Perhaps the final day of summer fun
When sheltering from blizzards could be planned

A Christmas fair in Bournemouth after driving through the fog
A twinge of indigestion from a plate of roasted hog
Then high above the gardens we were treated to the show
Of a red and golden skyscape and all Lilliput below.

Author notes

We drove down to visit my youngest son at University in Bournemouth, the first half of the drive down and the second half of the drive back were through ghastly drifting fogbanks, but in between …