Poetry by Jeff Green


The Shorts Story

by cricketjeff on November 22, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Though many men say miniskirts excite their hearts’ desires,
It’s luscious legs and Daisy Dukes that stoke my raging fires;
It’s never been exclusive there are other looks I love
But not much beats a cheeky bum that’s fitted like a glove!

She wore a smartly tailored suit, sublime in black and white,
Another wore a sweater and her jeans were nice and tight,
A picture some would die for but I much prefer the sports
Who dress in cut down tee-shirts and a tiny pair of shorts!

Who doesn’t love those patterned tights that decorate and tease,
And girls in trendy corsets with the right degree of squeeze,
But I insist between them there should be a denim scrap —
I’m a well presented bottom sort of chap!

Author notes

Someone mentioned a short story and my mind got carried away