Poetry by Jeff Green


Funking It Up

by cricketjeff on November 23, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

In poetry the funk is in the rhyming and the beat
In lush alliteration not the tapping of your feet
You dance to funky music but when words excite your mind
You’ve funked the verse you’re writing leaving other forms behind

Then pick another pace to get it going
A quicker slicker meter should be showing
Repeating words and thoughts can play a part
In poetry that gets into your heart

Though slow and rhythmic swaying is a perfect undertone
You can’t sit back contented and leave fireworks alone
The reason that you’ve slowed things is to catch another breath
Before you raise the tempo and you rhyme us all to death

For a punk writing junk in a funk on a bunk
There are words too absurd for a bird
In a fix you can mix any manner of tricks
To undo all that you’ve ever heard

Then back into the rhythm that you started at the top
The underlying meter is a beat you cannot stop
You’re playing with your readers and you’re worming through their heads
They’ll carry all you’re thinking up their stairs into their beds

Exploding corroding exploiting the dream
Like digging for gold at the base of a seam
You tickle and trickle and pickled their brains
And smile as they pick through your intricate strains

Before it’s time to wrap away the sentences you write
And leave them slowly drowning in a river of delight
If you don’t think it’s funky then I’ve wasted both our times
But I hope I’ve left you smiling in my avalanche of rhymes

Author notes

If Funk music abandons melody then maybe funk poetry should steer well clear of the deep and meaningful