Poetry by Jeff Green


The cunning Snaggleduff

by cricketjeff on December 17, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The Snaggleduff we met before
Has spilt his minmons on the floor
He knows it causes Mum distress
To see the bonroom in a mess
And so he finds the sukkalup
And carefully he clears them up

In Bondnercray just off the beach
A whooperdill is just in reach
The Snaggleduff won’t stop to play
He’s going straight on home today
He doesn’t dawdle by the Zoo
I think there’s something up, don’t you?

His little brother’s tea he’s brought
And not a battle they have fought
He may not be his brother’s saviour
But clearly on his best behaviour
This snaggleduff has done his sums
He knows that next week Christmas comes!