Poetry by Jeff Green


An Author Named Arthur

by cricketjeff on December 5, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

An author named Arthur sat writing
A story that wasn’t exciting
It dealt with the wars
Between Zulus and Boers
But somehow left out all the fighting

Each line that he writes needs adjusting
His love scenes aren’t brimming with lusting
No passion or heat
Just a plate of dead meat
You can’t get it done without thrusting

Although he was willing to grovel
No publisher published his novel
But now he’s succeeded
His new book seems needed
“The Rich Person’s Guide to the Hovel”!

Author notes

I don’t think my tale has a moral

But I’m not intending to quarrel
If you think it tells you
To stick to what sells, you
Could soon wear a wreath made from laurel!