Poetry by Jeff Green


Winter Weather

by cricketjeff on December 14, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

When nothing’s there but winter weather,
Cold and wet and dark too soon;
I close my eyes, dream we’re together,
Underneath the silver Moon.

Dark grey clouds that threaten drizzle,
Searching winds that tease and freeze,
Deep inside the burgers sizzle,
Barbecues and time to squeeze.

Not every winter night’s so dirty,
Skies can clear and stars appear.
Frost’s around but I feel flirty,
In my dreams you’re always near.

Winter weather’s made for lovers,
Frosty cold, or rain, or snow.
Cuddled up beneath the covers,
All the dreams I long to know.

Hold me close in every weather,
I can never have my fill.
When I dream that we’re together
Love lands on my windowsill.