Poetry by Jeff Green


The Office Party

by cricketjeff on December 16, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

So charming, so pretty, so “everything right”
So cheerful, so witty, so “sure thing tonight”
So not what he thinks, “she”‘s a trucker named Jock
The regional manager’s in for a shock!

And next to this couple is Dave from the bank
Who’s chatting to Maureen, as fierce as a tank,
But here with her hair down, her glasses removed,
The men from accounts have all stamped her “approved”!

There’s Martha from costing, who isn’t with Joe,
(They “meet” every lunchtime but we “mustn’t know”)
And Martha’s boss Harry, his daughter Maureen
Who works down in packing where no joke is clean.

With Stephen from research are Harish and Will
Discussing their prospects and who pays the bill
The girls from the switchboard have things they must say
They’re pretty sure Maurice is secretly gay.

John’s sat at a table with John and with Jon
They were sat with Johnny but now he has gone
I think Mary’s drunk and I know that her friend
Has downed three tequilas and gone round the bend

I think I see Ellis, with nothing to do
His ears always open for anything new
Has he heard a manager planning some scheme?
He’s looking ecstatic, a cat with the cream.

When Alex arrived it was quiet and slow
Till he started singing and dancing with Flo
Some others joined in at the Karaoke
Off tempo, off message and always off key!

The prettiest girls with the popular guys
Till wine takes effect and starts clouding all eyes
Then mixing begins and we find out the truth
It’s Jan who likes Dana and Peter LOVES Ruth!

Tomorrow the office will not seem the same
With half the heads drumming this party’s to blame
But nobody’s moaning or shedding a tear
The price is worth paying, for one day a year!

Author notes

There’ll be more …