Poetry by Jeff Green


Shades of Grey

by cricketjeff on December 19, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

We live our lives in shades of grey.
There’s nothing black or white.
The monochromes of everyday
Grow darker every night,
But when you’re near the rainbow’s hues
Are spread across these dismal views,
But when you’re near,
But when you’re near,
I see in yellows, reds and blues.

We live our lives in shades of grey,
Uncoloured drudgery,
Ignoring fields where sunbeams play
And nature wanders free.
Our dullard dreams soon re-awake
When tempting treats are there to take,
Our dullard dreams,
Our dullard dreams,
Are just the lies that poor lives make.

We live our lives in shades of grey,
Until we see the rest,
A little love shows us the way
Towards the very best.
Your pretty face and winning smile,
Sweet innocence that must beguile,
Your pretty face
Your pretty face
Has changed my outlook for a while.

Author notes