Poetry by Jeff Green


Levelling Things Up

by cricketjeff on December 19, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

“What level are you?” they asked me,
“An Emerald dog or a drone?”
“Get out there and do things” they tasked me
Oh why won’t they leave me alone
I came to this site to write verses
And not to starting playing some game
With bugs that evince many curses
The site is now not quite the same
It’s not a new Facebook I’m seeking
The old one is quite bad enough
But this site’s now groaning and creaking
Beneath all the childish stuff
If Kevin should come by and read this
Perhaps he’ll let poets opt out
But I don’t expect him to heed this
However I grumble and shout
I don’t want a comical label
I don’t want a mark out of ten
I just want a site where I’m able
To get back to writing again!

Author notes

If I add four comments and a favourite I’ll make level three apparently, well woop-de-doo that’s a big incentive to not comment or add favourites!