Poetry by Jeff Green


Glowing inside

by cricketjeff on December 18, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Lying so quietly, love by my side
I should be asleep but I’m glowing inside
Lying so peacefully, right next to me
The love of my life is all that I see

Her hair on the pillow, gold threads for a Queen
The sound of her breathing, so soft and serene
Her breasts so inviting, so perfect and tanned
To lie here beside her is more than I’d planned

Her belly so soft, not quite flat, yet not rounded
She thinks she is fat, but I see that’s unfounded
And just below that, there’s a mound without hair
Will she awake if I kiss her just there

I’d love to caress her, possess her again
But I’ve found the strength, just for now, to refrain
Our evening was lovely, the night so much more
There is not a disaster could lessen my score

We loved with high passion, then softly and slowly
A goddess of beauty, with her acolyte lowly
And now she is lying asleep by my side
And I cannot sleep while I’m glowing inside