Poetry by Jeff Green


The Forecast for Today

by cricketjeff on January 3, 2012.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

An anti-cyclone slightly South of Spain,
A deep depression in the Iceland Sea,
Combine, or so the weathermen explain,
To build the gales that aim their ire at me.
    Then curtained rain cascading down the street
    Engulfs me like Niagara in spate
    With sodden hair and underwater feet
    I stand to curse the vagaries of fate
You’ll rarely see a wetter suit than mine;
I’m dripping like a horror-movie beast.
Once back indoors the sun begins to shine,
The banks of clouds roll blackly to the East.
    I wish that I had waited half an hour
    And missed the promised “fairly heavy shower”!

Author notes

You’ve read all my best sonnets so I thought you deserved something new

And it did rain VERY hard!