Poetry by Jeff Green


Please Dream Me a Dream

by cricketjeff on January 10, 2012.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Please dream me a dream of a tropical isle,
Where there is no shortage of moments to while,
Where sunsets are crimson, the beaches are white,
And midnight blue waters roll into the night.

Now whitewash my dream with an ocean of stars
And pina-coladas from open-air bars.
We’ll laze in the sunlight and walk by the Moon
Past flashes of gold in the fish-filled lagoon.

The dreams that we share are as soft as a breeze,
That whispers forever through sun-dappled trees,
And you are there with me, your lips pressed to mine,
The taste of tomorrow and dandelion wine.

Please dream me a dream of our own private isle,
Where we face each day with a satisfied smile,
And when the Moon’s blessings flow out of the night,
We’ll make love forever on beaches of white.