Poetry by Jeff Green


A poet like me

by cricketjeff on December 18, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Two luscious ladies, in black and in white
One for the day-time and one for the night
Two pretty maidens who stand proud free
Is there room in their hearts for a poet like me?

To gorgeous damsels in life have set forth
One faces South while the other see North
Looking all ways at the problems they see
Is their room in their lives for a poet like me?

Two mystery women, each dressed up to kill
Not for life in the shadows, they’re seeking a thrill
I’d love to unwrap them, their beauty to see
Would they want to show off for a poet like me?

Two ladies of beauty, look this way and that
Neither one skinny and neither one fat
I’d like to know them, what they want to be
Are they ready to talk with a poet like me?

Where are they going, what will be their fate
They look like two women, born to be great
So now I shall face them, and drop to one knee
And ask them to marry a poet like me.