Poetry by Jeff Green


Solar System Sonnet

by cricketjeff on January 25, 2012.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Swift Mercury goes rushing round the Sun,
Bright Venus shines to greet the breaking day,
The Earth and Moon conduct their dance of fun
And all three smile to watch red Mars at play.
The asteroids make faces from the crowd
As Jupiter propels them on their way.
While Saturn’s face is smiling from his shroud
Uranus stands ignoring all the fuss,
Amused to see that Neptune is too proud
To join the Kuiper children on the bus.
Poor Pluto doesn’t meet criteria
Since we have found he’s just a tiny wuss.
    You won’t confuse a planet with a star
    Now I have rhymed to tell you where they are!

Author notes

That’s rather better, it needed a lot of reworking