Poetry by Jeff Green


Confidence and self belief

by cricketjeff on December 18, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Confidence and self belief
The strongest weapons fighting grief
In public boost at every turn
Those people who you help to learn
In private show where they went wrong
In public praise them loud in song.

A parent should not have the choice
To damn a child in public voice
Everything my children do
I’ll will say was great to you
As long as they know right from wrong
I shall praise them loud in song

If your child just plays for fun
Or is the hope of everyone
In your eyes each child should be
Perfection for the world to see
If their game is weak or strong
You praise your children loud in song

So even when they make a stink
On their field or court or rink
Even if they fluff each chance
Stumble in the final dance
As a parent you are wrong
If you don’t praise them loud in song