Poetry by Jeff Green



by cricketjeff on February 4, 2012.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

by Fred Odle

The music on the radio has washed today away,
The row at work, her mother on the phone;
Disasters can’t affect her when a saxophone’s at play,
For just a while she’s in the World alone.
Her heart will beat it’s rhythms and she dreams a melody
Of drinking golden sunsets by a softly lapping sea.

The traffic in the morning was a nightmare on the move,
The boss forbore to mention she was late,
But now her day’s forgotten as her body hits the groove,
That letter from the bank will have to wait.
The notes are climbing higher and her spirit’s flying free
To sit in golden sunsets by a softly lapping sea.

Her lunch stayed in the kitchen as she bolted from the door,
The drinks machine gave lukewarm cups of mush,
But now she’s floating gently several inches from the floor
Not recompiling figures in a rush.
A love song’s sure to help her bring back equanimity
And hopes of golden sunsets by a softly lapping sea.

And when the track has ended she will see her life again
But softer round the edges for a while.
The echoes of the music keep her settled in the when
Tomorrow was a good excuse to smile.
It’s not about the heartache if inside your mind you’re free
To welcome golden sunsets by a softly lapping sea.