Poetry by Jeff Green


Advice to the Would-Be Meterman

by cricketjeff on February 12, 2012.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I’m sometimes asked for help with rhyme and meter
“I need my words to fit but there’s no way,
I’ve penned my thoughts but how can they sound sweeter
Yet still portray the things I need to say”

If they’re your thoughts it’s not my place to change them,
But thoughts aren’t words and English is your friend
Pick up your words and try to rearrange them
Our language is a wand that loves to bend

Ignore those fools who say “avoid the fillers”
An idle syllable is not a curse.
It’s hardened thoughts that are the wanton killers
Of flowing prose that dreams of being verse

Some altered words, a subtle change of tense
The sounds can change without a change of sense