Poetry by Jeff Green


Joe King Isn’t Joking!

by cricketjeff on February 16, 2012.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I know you know I know that you are joking
No other Prez could ever be the same
I want to watch the fun that you’ll start poking
At anyone who tries to wreck the game

And since I know you know I know (and so on)
I’m pretty sure you know I’ll vote for you
Please take this rhyme as egging you to go on
Pretending anybody has a clue

You know I know you know that as a joker
Your duty is to clown around the site
And stop all running systems with a poker
Shoved in where shoving in is far from right

So everybody please turn up and vote
For joking Joe King, he’s a man of note!

Author notes