Poetry by Jeff Green


The Seething Sea of Something

by cricketjeff on February 20, 2012.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

A seething sea of something is what nothing seems to be,
The quantum world is somewhat worse than odd.
The laws that we’ve discovered seem to prove uncertainty
Is what created everything, not god
The Casimir effect will dominate
When nearby objects reach a quantum state

The energy in nothingness is nothing short of vast
And maybe all that drives the universe
Although it seems the play we act demands a larger cast
Who each have many lines they must rehearse
But fermions and leptons all agree
That we are formed from probability

I’ve seen the long equations scrawled in chalk-dust on a board
I’ve tried to follow what they mean with care
Their complex mathematics slices reason like a sword
But I still see a living world out there
A realm of virtual changes is the glue
That forces nothingness to give me you

Author notes

I saw a vacuum described as a seething sea of something, and a little voice inside started to sing …