Poetry by Jeff Green


The Other Knight

by cricketjeff on February 23, 2012.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The motorbike that filled his dreams,
Ducatti red and polished chrome,
Would drive her wild with roars and screams
Outside her home

No woman could resist he knew
A man in one-piece leather suit
And waking up The Avenue
Was his salute

But Sara-Jane was not impressed
Her mother scowled, her Father swore
She’d only asked him out to test
The boy next door

Now things were getting out of hand
Her schoolmates boiled with jealousy
Few teenage girls can understand
Sweet sanity

So she was going to the dance
A Barbie on a motorbike
Behind a greasy boy named Lance
She didn’t like

And Peter wouldn’t ever know
That he was who she’d longed to ask
But putting puppy love on show
‘s a mammoth task

The night wore on and music played
With Lance expecting endless praise
Poor Sara growing more dismayed
In many ways

But then her shoulder felt a tap
She turned to see a friendly smile
Seems Peter’s not the sort of chap
To wait a while

They sneaked away from all the noise
Where teenage hormones overflowed
They left the mess of girls and boys
To hit the road

A rather cheap but tidy Ford
Is better for some sorts of date
While Lance showed off plain Peter scored
First loves are great!

Author notes

In tales of long lost Camelot

Queen Guinivere was none too chaste
And fell for flashy Lancelot
A dreadful waste

But modern girls are sometimes wise
And look beneath the shiny coat
Plain clothes can hide a sweet surprise
As someone wrote

While Lance was large in many ways
Brash clothes may merely compensate
Not well equipped for Cupid’s plays
So cruel is fate

But Peter didn’t need to boast
She’s seen him at the swimming pool
To Lance’s beans he’s Sunday roast
And she’s no fool!!!