Poetry by Jeff Green


A Farmyard Affair

by cricketjeff on March 6, 2012.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

A candlelit dinner of hay for the pair,
A plateful of grasses for bovines to share.
Romance all around them, the Moon high above,
A mooving example of countryside love.

As darkness approaches he lows to his girl,
Her eyes are entrancing, her horns shine like pearl,
She blushes and flutters her lashes with glee,
They lay down to cud-dle in mute ecstasy.

But candles and hay bales are best kept apart
And what I relate may lie hard on your heart.
Their sweet consummation was heated, no doubt
But flames, when they’re carnal, are swiftly put out.

The candle burnt down to some uneaten hay
Which flashed into flames and they darted away.
The barn was alight before they were aware
Now how do you like it? We’ve well done or rare!