Poetry by Jeff Green


A Souvenir

by cricketjeff on March 8, 2012.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

You were all I ever needed, all I wanted, all I knew,
There were things that didn’t matter all the rest was me and you,
From the moment in the morning when the Sun shone from your eyes
We were spirits soaring upwards wheeling eagles in the skies.

    Was I ever really happy in that careless airless life
    Did I need a silent critic in the person of my wife
    Like an over-tended orchid I was there for you to show
    In your well constructed hothouse I forgot men need to grow

On a wet November morning, dull and gloomy almost cold
You said what we were was over, time had washed away the gold
But although you didn’t want me, we’d be friends for evermore
Then you smiled without emotion, said goodbye and closed the door

    Now I think of you on Sundays, when I’ve eaten all I can
    Or on Tuesdays, if it’s darts-night at the Horse and Headless Man,
    And I wonder if you loved me, when we shared those sterile days
    Turning left at every-corner of our never-ending maze

You were not the one I needed and it’s time I let you know
That I’m happy that you hurt me made my tears and tempers flow
I’d have kept you as my best friend if you’d given me the chance
And coccooned in your penumbra I’d could not have learnt to dance

    Life is not about perfection, not a careful country drive,
    It’s a journey undertaken knowing we can not arrive
    I’m enjoying every footfall, hitching rides along the way
    With you safe inside my rucksack, souvenir from yesterday.


Author notes

Inspired by the song “Somebody That I Used to Know” by Gotye

I’ve never seen five people play one guitar before

Oh and it has nothing to do with anything I have ever experienced if that matters to you , nor does it reflect my views on anything much.