Poetry by Jeff Green


The Love of His Life

by cricketjeff on March 25, 2012.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

She sat in the garden, the love of his life
Contentedly dozing the daylight away.
No words to reproach him, so unlike a wife
And eager to please when he wanted to play.

He whistles a welcome and walks to her side
“You up for a trip to the shops then the pub?”
An evening of pleasure to follow the ride
She’s always a hit when they go to the club.

He settles inside her and fondles the leather,
The build-up of passion is clear in his face.
What else can you do in the warm sunny weather
To banish the blues and put smiles in their place?

She’s throbbing with tension and raring to start
Responds with a will in the fresh evening air
The sporty young lady who captured his heart
Has spirit enough for an army to share

He doesn’t play golf or get drunk every night
He doesn’t chase girls for a passionate fling
That blue Bristol Fighter’s his only delight
The V10 indulgence that means everything.

Author notes

A Bristol Fighter is a handbuilt luxury sports car, 8 litre 600 bhp V-10 engine, gullwing doors sumptuous curves 210mph and there was one for sale for a mere £200,000 in the showroom I passed …