Poetry by Jeff Green


Nothing Doing

by cricketjeff on April 2, 2012.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Elsewhere on this tree there’s a blackbird who sings
Of love after midnight while preening his wings,
A nest full of sparrows — who fight all night long
And where I can’t see a wren sings a new song.

The ground underneath is well sheltered and warm,
A good place to hide from a Northerly storm,
But all we can see here is droplets of rain
Which isn’t exciting my muse, in the main.

A bit to the left, no much lefter than that,
A lady is wearing a terrible hat,
Her daughter, beside her, won’t tell her the truth
But deep in her eyes you can see her say “STREWTH!!!”

The bus they’re expecting is never on time
To call that a timetable must be a crime!
And still I see raindrops on part of a tree
Which isn’t exploding in verse inside me.

The street isn’t busy, there aren’t many cars,
It’s daylight of course so there aren’t any stars,
Perhaps there’s a Moon but there’s cloud in the way,
That happens a lot on a cold rainy day.

What’s that in the background? I really can’t tell
It’s coloured and blurry not clear as the bell,
That just sounded one from the church over there —
I think you could see if you stood on a chair.

Too bad that this image has nothing to say,
I can’t write its life in an int’resting way,
Can’t tell you the secrets that you cannot see,
As nothing on screen has told any to me.

Author notes