Poetry by Jeff Green


Arthur McFadden’s Good Life

by cricketjeff on April 19, 2012.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I once knew an emu named Arthur McFadden,
Who danced like an eel and who sang fit to gladden
The hearts of his fans and the girl (she’s a bad ‘un)
Who filled every dream that he knew.

He wished he could fly like a kite or an eagle
Above fluffy clouds shaped like Dame Anna Neagle
Then puff out his chest looking stately and regal
While courting that girl that he knew

But emus can’t fly without well balanced rotors
Connected to gearwheels and powerful motors
They aren’t quite as sleek as those avian gloaters
Who enthralled the girl that he knew

But Arthur’s still happy, not lonely or single,
For he’s found a trick and a tip of his wing’ll
Bring girls by the score who would happily mingle
With Emus that they hardly knew

The secret he knows isn’t proving he’s funny
Or better at love than the Duracell bunny
It’s let people know you have oodles of money
Then life will be shiny and new!