Poetry by Jeff Green


Istanbul Evening

by cricketjeff on May 5, 2012.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The view across to Asia fills with twinkling city lights
That spread beyond the point of no return.
A swarm of ant-sized people flow around these balmy nights
They’re chasing dreams too beautiful to spurn.
And lazily above us hangs the half-dark hazy Moon
She’s watched me watch the city since the Turkish afternoon.

The flat black Sea of Marmora rocks flocks of ships to sleep
While bridge-lights dance a mesmerising show.
The clouds meander aimlessly, like shaggy mountain sheep
Untroubled by the merriment below.
The half-Moon smiles benignly, doesn’t try to hide her face
Two thousand years of history cannot outshine her grace.

Author notes

The scene from the roof bar at the Plaza Hotel on Mayday evening.