Poetry by Jeff Green


Lunch in the park

by cricketjeff on May 28, 2012.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

A pretty girl, undressed until it teases,
Is tanning through a peaceful lunchtime doze
While grass and trees are spreading wafts of sneezes
They’re making up for all the days that froze
  Some local kids have reinvented cricket
  To fit the space where they’re allowed to play
  A broken baby-buggy for the wicket
  And every player has too much to say.
But I’m not here, I’m lost in distant dreaming,
Another sunny day, another place,
Where other kids are just as loudly screaming,
And, through closed eyes, where I can see your face.
  There are no phones, no thieves of idle time
    Just lazy hazy days of love and rhyme