Poetry by Jeff Green


My Theory of Special Relativity

by cricketjeff on June 8, 2012.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The moonlight on the ocean and the sunlight through the trees,
Make me think of you in motion, or curled up upon my knees.
You make weekends last forever, make the workdays disappear,
You’ve redefined the whole of space and time.
When there’s many miles between us, with my eyes closed you are near
And cacophonies are symphonies of chime.

If I knew how I’d teach wild flowers to dress you in delight,
Then help the birds to sing you worlds of fun,
And if I could I’d make your stars shine brighter every night,
I’d paint your moon and redesign your Sun.
For you are my tomorrow, you’re my soul, my liberty,
I’ve forgotten every sorrow since you showed me how to see.

Author notes