Poetry by Jeff Green



by cricketjeff on June 9, 2012.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

There’s a sexual revolution down in Rustington on sea
Where my Uncle Bill’s retiring on his way to purgatory
In an “Old Folks’ Home” called Sunset where he’s settled for a while
Spreading hope amongst the ladies who remember how to smile

He gives thanks to little blue pills that he swallows with his tea
Before heading off to Mabel then back home to see Marie
After years of good behaviour says at last he’s seen the light
Who needs days of vegetating when there’s ladies and the night

In the Littlehampton Funfair they ride dodgems everyday
Then go off to find a beach-hut for some other sorts of play
Or take bus-rides into Worthing, local journeys are all free
For the boys and girls of “Sunset” down in Rustington on sea

You’ll hear giggles from the boathouse, should be empty after dark
But I don’t think Bill is boating by the lake in Mewsbrook Park
And I’ve heard some happy noises from the little groundsman’s hut
Where they keep the ride-on mower for the local pitch and putt

On some days they head out walking on the lovely Sussex Downs
And I don’t see them returning wearing worthy laced up frowns
So if you start getting older don’t descend to misery
Just remember how they do it down in Rustington-on-Sea!

Author notes

I was listening to “Memphis”, you know the one “Long-distance information, get me Memphis Tennessee …” and one of my inner voices borrowed the tune.

I don’t have an “Uncle Bill” but I do know a few candidates, the geography and attractions of the Littlehampton/Rustington-on-Sea area are all real though