Poetry by Jeff Green


Waiting for the Moon

by cricketjeff on July 18, 2012.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The wettest summer anyone remembers
With flaming June extinguished by a flood
The temperature is dropping to November’s
And all around are wellies caked with mud
No cricket on a lazy afternoon
And worse than that I haven’t seen the Moon

We started May with hosepipes banned all over
But now they’re used to drain unwanted pools
Umbrellas rule from Wick right down to Dover
We’re overcoated wrecks not flannelled fools
We have to see a little sunshine soon
And I can’t write of love without the Moon

New York, they say, is twice as hot as Hades
And farther West once verdant forests burn
But over here I’ve seen few half-dressed ladies
It’s surely time for suntans to return
I love a summer shower, not this monsoon
And thick black clouds obscure the lovely Moon

Perhaps it’s all the fault of global warming
Extremities more common than before
But I believe our climate is performing
A play about Canute sat on the shore
And when it’s done I’ll once more know the boon
Of sending you my kisses with the Moon