Poetry by Jeff Green


My Favourites

by cricketjeff on December 21, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Amera is the Queen of form
A poet steeped in perfect pace
Her poems can be fresh and warm
                And what a face!

Riftkin writes in many styles
Erotica or fantasy
Her writing brings out many smiles
                      And ecstasy

Sue Cardwell writes with lovely rhyme
And makes my heart strings sigh
She writes as from an early time
                And makes me cry

Jimmy Johns writes as he paints
An artist he in perfect rhyme
His paintings cause me no complaints
                  His verse sublime

PassionsPromise acrostic god
Who rhymes them as she goes
Her hubby’s Griswold, lucky sod
                    All AP knows

Dalaney mostly writes free verse
A habit that seems strange to me
My love of rhyme a constant curse
                      Not re-ally

LLL won’t fit this form
Her alias is far too long
Her verses filled with feeling warm
              Her rhymes are strong

Now Tattboyspet brings up the rear
With darkness or a bondage theme
Her cheeky smile is always near
                A slave supreme

Author notes

I do not have a long favourites list, I read a lot of other poets here but do not add many to this list, this means this “Sapphic ode” is of a manageable length. I think I was showing myself I can write in a form other than limericks, even if I can’t get a decent sonnet.