Poetry by Jeff Green


Olympic Excitement

by cricketjeff on August 1, 2012.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

While rowers and scullers were picking up speed,
Three breakaway cyclists built a big lead,
Six archers shot arrows, two divers dove down,
The best in the world went out seeking a crown.

Do cross country horses like dressage and such?
And surely those lifters can’t pick up that much!
The hockey sticks rattle, the baskets are balled,
Who knows what beach volleyball players are called?

Two hundred leaf cauldron displaying the flames,
This dirty old city is loving these games!

It seems that the shooters don’t know how to miss
And Beth’s twirling Tweedles are gymnastic bliss.
Those streaks in the time trials are crazily fast,
I blinked for too long to see Wiggo go past!

While boxers trade punches the judoists throw
And Tae Kwondo fighters do things I don’t know.
Ping-pongers turn tables and shuttle cocks fly.
The speed of each service defeating the eye.

Olympic excitement in jubilee year
It’s only the weather that Britons can’t cheer!

Next week there’s athletics, will Usain Bolt win?
Will discus and hammer get life in a spin?
Heptathlon means Jessica, must watch that part
Her legs and her smile are a treat for the heart

They’ll ride round the velodrome, swift as the wind,
And sail down in Dorset on boards that are finned.
The Chinese, the Russians, The French and the Poles,
Americans, Aussies all reaching their goals,

All over the world there are sports fans like me
Who’ve no time to move ’cause we’re watching TV!

Author notes

Punctuation will arrive eventually!