Poetry by Jeff Green


Sir Bernard Lovell

by cricketjeff on August 7, 2012.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

He helped give wartime planes their radar eyes
But thought the noise they saw was out of place,
Could glowing snow and random sparks comprise
The unexpected symphony of space?

He built a dish to see if it was true,
And changed the way astronomers can see.
A lifetime spent discovering the new
Has stretched our minds towards infinity.

What schoolboy hadn’t heard of Jodrell Bank?
When Sputnik ushered in the modern age.
And NASA had one clever man to thank
When talking to the Moon was all the rage.

With sheets of steel and tons of iron bars
Sir Bernard Lovell tuned into the stars

Author notes

Sir Bernard Lovell, first director of the Jodrell Bank Observatory, and thus the World’s first radio astronomer has died aged 98.