Poetry by Jeff Green


Welsh Wildlife

by cricketjeff on August 14, 2012.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

On every blasted heath in Wales
The rarebits flash their bushy tails;
Perhaps you’ve heard their mournful cries
When they’re transfixed by hunters’ eyes,
Or seen the nests that they construct
Before their too-short lives are plucked.
But every Welshman’s cruel and mean
No sooner is a rarebit seen
Than he’ll whip out his rarebit gun
And chase the beast for food and fun
Then when he’s satisfied his  thrill
You’ll find a rarebit ‘neath his grill!
The creature’s life has run its course
And now it’s served with Worcester sauce!

Author notes

I do not know if Welsh rarebit is known in other countries, it’s basically cheese on toast and rarebit for rabbit is a corruption probably introduced by early cookbook writers who didn’t get the joke.