Poetry by Jeff Green


How Could You

by cricketjeff on August 20, 2012.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I came to you with all the best and worst things in my life,
My children’s births and when they nearly died.
I felt like Alexander when I introduced my wife
But now I wish that I could run and hide.
I cannot understand it, how could you have have torn apart
The comfortable illusion of a healthy beating heart.

I looked to and admired you more than anyone I’ve met,
I saw in you the way that I should be.
Now suddenly my future is a pool of cold regret
Perhaps a hurt like this could come from me.
I thought I knew about you, thought that you were cast from gold,
And suddenly the warmth inside is turned to deathly cold.

When I was at the bottom you were there for me to trust,
I left my greatest treasures in your care;
How could you smash my finest, grind the pieces in the dust,
Then hide your crimes behind a cheerful air.
Now we must try repairing what can never be restored,
Reknitting flesh and sinews cut to pieces by your sword.

Before you worked your magic I’d a brightly shining star,
An orchid in a bed of pretty weeds.
Now there’s no purring engine in my handmade supercar,
A wounded kitten’s lost in unmet needs.
I’ll never rest or waver till I’ve undone all your harm
And hurricanes of anguish are replaced by perfect calm.

Author notes

This is intensely personal poem