Poetry by Jeff Green


Smiling Angel

by cricketjeff on September 3, 2012.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

There are sunsets edged in crimson after dismal summer days,
There are rainbows in a dark-as-midnight sky,
Maybe breezes in the willows cutting through the city haze,
Or a large and brightly coloured butterfly.
But there’s nothing that’s as good for raising spirits for a while,
As the feelings that will fill you when you see an angel smile.

I have abseiled down a cliff face, and I’ve jumped out of a plane
I have watched a record hundred meters race
Felt the happiness of childhood on the footplate of a train
And I’ve put the final jigsaw piece in place
But I’ve never felt as happy, though was only for a while,
When I sat and faced her demons then I felt my angel smile

I have held my new born children, filled with pride and churning love,
And I thrilled the day I passed my driving test.
Lain at midnight on a mountain counting every star above
And I’ve watched the hero ride into the West.
But I’ve never felt the world was more appealing, for a while
Than the moments when I’ve sat beside, and felt my angel’s smile.