Poetry by Jeff Green


Make ’em laugh!

by cricketjeff on December 21, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Laughter is the only way
That I can get through every day
A laugh can mend the toughest time
Especially if it’s in rhyme

When all around are pressing in
There isn’t any way to win
A laugh explodes across your face
And then your back in premier place!

When days are dark and long a dreary
Then you need to keep more cheery
A whoppee cushion is your friend
Positioned under pompous end!

Laughter makes your sex life snappy
Keep your friend and lover happy
But never laugh without good cause
When what she wants is warm applause

Although at times a laugh looks wrong
As likewise is a comic song
In nearly all the rest of life
A laugh can keep you out of strife

So laugh out loud and long today
Keep that dreadful frown at bay
And help some others smile with you
You know that’s what you’re born to do!